Hip Surgery Recovery

Hip Replacement Surgery Recovery Timeline

Back in the game!

Week 4-6

Time to start palnning your next adventure. Your doctor will let you know when you have the green light, but think about sports, travel, family activities, and getting back to doing the reason you had surgery in the first place.

Getting Active

Week 2-3

This is the week most people are sorry they didn’t do it earlier. Eager beavers are back to light duty work. Short days are best. Light exercise as directed. Normal activities are pain limited.

First Week

First Week

Transformative week. Be active but don’t over do it. Set up a command center at home by a high chair. Ditch the walker when you feel stable. Shower when Doc says its OK.Follow the do’s and don’ts. Be careful not to fall.


1-2 days after surgery

Your old hip pain is gone. But you will be very sore and swollen from surgery. Use your walker. Stay ahead on the medications. Watch out for infection (fever, redness) and blood clots(leg cramps or pain not form the surgery area).

How soon can I play golf after hip surgery?

Golf After Hip Replacement - Part 1

Golf After Hip Replacement - Part 2

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